EQUINE Portraits - Graphite

"Duncan" 16" x 20" Graphite. Private Collection. 2008


bluegrass said...

Wow! You do amazing work. I also do graphite portraits of horses and pets. Your comment that if you don't capture the eye, you don't capture the animal is so true. I love checking out other artists work because I find it interesting to see how differently the same medium can look. When I came across your stuff I had to study it, it's really cool. I'd love to forward some of my stuff to you, and have it critiqued by you, if you had the time. It would be really cool to have another artist look at it, and get some feed back. Was it easy to make the transition from pencil to paint, it's something I've wanted to try. Thanks, Anne

Gretchen Almy Designs said...

Hi Anne,
Send an email to gadesigns@comcast.net and we can go from there...not sure you'll get this email...